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Day and Night Treatment Facility at St. Joseph Recovery Center


When your time in residential treatment at St. Joseph Recovery Center comes to a close, we’ll be there to assist you in transitioning into other levels of care. Recovery is a lifelong endeavor and having a solid discharge plan in place is a critical aspect of sustained sobriety.

What Is a Discharge Plan?

A thorough discharge plan will be created for all St. Joseph Recovery Center patients who are exiting our program. While you may no longer need the focused support of a residential treatment environment, you’ll still need other types of care to maintain your goals. A discharge plan outlines recommendations that will encourage continued success in recovery, and that reflect each person’s unique needs.

What Might Be Included in My Discharge Plan?

Your discharge plan will suggest services to help you maintain your hard-earned momentum towards long-term sobriety and health. St. Joseph Recovery staff therapists and case managers conduct our aftercare services, and, depending on your situation and your individual goals, we can offer you individual and group therapy, peer recovery support, medication assisted treatment, and other types of outpatient supports.

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