We base program placement upon several factors, including our patient’s living situation, legal issues, and the severity of their addiction.  Many patients choose outpatient treatment as a first line of care.  Others choose outpatient care as a follow up upon discharge from a residential treatment program.  We can help you choose a program best suited to your needs will result in the greatest chance at long term success.

What happens in outpatient treatment?

We provide weekly professional therapy, peer recovery support services, medical evaluation and medication management, including medication assisted treatment with Suboxone or Vivitrol for those suffering from opioid use disorder.  We also have an onsite laboratory.

What is the cost of outpatient care?

We accept WV Medicaid and all WV Medicaid MCOs (The Health Plan, Unicare, and Aetna), Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  We will soon be accepting Ohio Medicaid!