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Residential Treatment For Veterans

Our facility has taken care of thousands of veterans.

Residential Treatment Program For Veterans

St. Joseph Recovery Center values the sacrifice made by our nation’s veterans. By dedicating a 28-bed unit to the care of veterans suffering from substance use disorder, we provide an environment specially tailored to care for the unique needs of service members.

Who is eligible for residential treatment for veterans?

Any veteran of the United States military with Optum Health Insurance coverage. We are the only private facility in West Virginia in the VA Community Care network.

Who provides care on the veterans’ residential unit?

Residential treatment for veterans at St. Joseph Recovery Center is provided by multidisciplinary teams of experienced and compassionate professionals. Depending upon your needs and goals, you may work with the following experts during your time with us:

In addition to the professionals listed above, our staff also features a variety of therapists and other experts, all of whom have been selected not only for their skills, but also for their dedication to patient-focused care.

What happens after residential treatment?

St. Joseph Recovery Center accepts Optum for all of our aftercare programs such as outpatient and mobile outpatient treatment. We are here to support our patients are throughout the recovery process.

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